Course Descriptions

Cultural Identity (COUN 74)
  This course is a comparative and historical analysis of society and individual behavior from a multicultural perspective. An examination of American ethnic/ cultural Groups (African, Asian, European, Latino and Native Americans) and experiences that influence behavior. The relationship between personality development and culture, barriers to cross cultural interaction and communication styles will also be explored.
Ethical Issues in Human Services (COUN 87)
  This course is a comprehensive exploration of the basic ethical issues involved in client/patient rights and counselor/client responsibilities.
Introduction to Human Services (COUN 90)
  Students develop a working knowledge of the various roles and duties of a Human Services Worker in society today.
Skills & Techniques in Human Services (COUN 91)
  Students develop methods and techniques used in intake and interviewing.
Introduction to Group Counseling (COUN 92)
  An introduction to the dynamics of group interaction with emphasis upon the individual's firsthand experience as a group leader and member.
Introduction to Case Management (COUN 93)
  Students develop a working knowledge of the various roles and duties of a Case Manager.
Intervention / Crisis Counseling (COUN 94)
  Students develop working knowledge of crisis counseling.
Advocating Social Change (COUN 95)
  This course prepares the student to do advocacy work in the community, legislative, and legal levels.
Disability and Society (COUN 96)
  An introduction to the history theory, defining problems, and causes of disability. Includes an overview of disability culture, major disabling conditions, and co-occurring disorders.
Intro to Alcohol and Drug Studies (AODS 90)
  An overview of drugs (including alcohol) and how they affect the individual, families, and society.
Prevention and Education On Alcohol and Drugs (AODS 91)
  This course reviews prevention and education techniques and strategies needed to help the chemically dependent person overcome addiction.
Pharmacological & Physiological Effects of Alcohol & Drugs (AODS 92)
  This course examines the effects of alcohol and other drugs on the body, the physiological effects of the disease of alcoholism, and the effects of other chronic drug usage.
Rehab of Alcohol/Drug Problems (AODS 93)
  This course reviews the initial admission requirements for alcohol and drug assistance programs. Current treatment modalities will be compared and contrasted with regard to the individual in the social and clinical context.